Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Europe Itinerary June 2014 and July 2015

I managed to get tickets from Singapore to Antwerp, Belgium via KLM at a steal! I hesitated for a moment, mouse pointer hovering over the "Book Now!", before plunging in head first.

Then the fear set in, but with some preparation (this hack worked wonders), now it seems like I can't get enough of Europe (goodbye short getaways and budget airlines!).

I told my friend about my current obsession and she said "Nah, I'm not interested in Europe." We'll show her what Europe has to offer. Truth be told, I'm just glad to get out of the country every once in a while, it doesn't matter where. But with the limited number of days off, I have to resort to squirreling and splurging on trips that are "worth it".

The cities/towns I managed to tick off my list in my first trip in 2014:

☑ Amsterdam, Netherlands

☑ Rotterdam, Netherlands

☑ Antwerp, Belgium

☑ Gent, Belgium

☑ Brugge, Belgium

☑ Brussels, Belgium

☑ London, United Kingdom

☑ Paris, France

My Itinerary (June 2014):

Day 1 - Singapore -> Amsterdam -> Rotterdam -> Antwerp -> Gent

Day 2 - Gent -> Brugge -> Gent -> (overnight Bus and Ferry to London)

Day 3 - 4 - London 

Day 5 - London -> (overnight to Paris)

Day 6 - 7 - Paris

(If you are wondering why Paris has more discrete posts, it's because I bought the Museum Pass!)

Day 8 - Paris -> (overnight to Brussels)

Day 9 - Brussels -> Antwerp

Day 10 - Antwerp -> Amsterdam -> Singapore

I look at the list, and it spurs me to add to it. Let's Go! 

I visited the following in my second  trip in 2015:

☑ Lake District, United Kingdom

☑ Glasgow, Scotland

☑ Edinburgh, Scotland

☑ Scottish Highlands, Scotland

☑ Istanbul, Turkey

My Itinerary (July 2015):

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